You Had It In You All Along…

No…I wont be writing about that one time you thought you had lost your wallet but you later on, after having a series of mini heart attacks found out that you had it on you all along. 🙄

Neither I’m I writing about that time you frantically searched for your phone when all along it was in your hands with the torch on as you considered getting under the bed to look for it…true story 😂

What exactly will I be writing about? Stick around wont ya?

But before all that…hows 2017 coming along for you? And how was Valentine’s Day? (Wink,Wink…)

Personally my year is flowing pretty well…I donno if its just me, but I’m still in awe that we’re in 2017. Maybe its cause I have been waiting for this year for like thee longest time…details for another day…but whoosh! Lord you are faithful! 🙂

And Valentines was good…really good! ❤️

I digress…So you know what you and I have had all along…like since time immemorial?

I’ll give you a hint…it’s the one thing we are all looking for. The one thing we look for in money, success and fame, in lovers, food and all the hashtag friendship, bae, career and faith goals…it is…Acceptance.

It’s both acceptance and love actually.

You see February, very popular know as the ‘Love Month’ is the one month where many and I mean many people become aware of or the lack of acceptance and love in their lives.

Its quite interesting actually….like in all the other months before February we are like so oblivious of the love and acceptance we have in our lives, then February hits and we’re like BOOM…! 💥

Single folks forget how happy they actually have been when growing and developing themselves and the married or in relationships folk use this all-too-hyped month to remind themselves and their partners that You know I gat you boo and while we are still on the subject here’s some chocolate and this really cute teady bear that has your eyes!” 😝

Granted…this isn’t the case for everyone!

I know of many, many amazing people single or double 😅who are amazingly content and happy in their seasons and who go out of their way (for those who are double) in and out of the mushiness season to remind their partners of their love and commitment to them with chocolate on the side cause really…chocolate is bae for everyone!

But if you fall into this category where a certain month in the Gregorian calendar makes you aware of or the lack of Love and Acceptance in your life…I want you to know that you’ve had it in you all along…you’ve had that love and acceptance in you all along! 💜

You my friend, are loved and accepted.

By your family, your friends, your significant other (if you have one) and by your pet(s)…yes your pet(s)! 😺

But you know what? More than all that, you’re loved and accepted by God…The God who lives in you and reigns over your heart…Oh how He loves you!

From day one, you’ve had His Love and Acceptance!

He has loved you from waaaay before you were an idea and will love you way after you are but a memory.

He who does not hold your sins against you, who covers you with unending Grace and whose promises are yes and amen…He who promises to complete all good works He has began in your life and whose mercies are new every morning…He who has you in the palm of His hands and rejoices over you with singing…Oh how He loves you, how much he accepts you! 😃

Just as you are dude…just as you are sis…He loves and accepts you and the sooner you find fulfillment in this truth, the sooner you will be able to accept the love and acceptance of the people and pets in you life as well as be comfortable in whatever season you may be because whichever the case, if you grasp your purpose within yourself in Jesus, you won’t care as much for the love to begin, because you had it in you all along. 

Is it an easy thing to always remember? No not really…for both those in relationships and those who are single…its not easy.

Because the people in our lives are exactly that..people…with flaws and mistakes and with a really high probability that they will hurt us at one point or the other…but its an amazing thing to learn how to give the Grace that Christ Oh so graciously gives to us plus knowing that this amazing human being in your life is known, loved and accepted by Jesus as well.😊

So now that you know or that you’ve been reminded of the love and acceptance that has been and continues to be with you, go yee forth and share this love of Christ with another brother or sister…it is the month of love afterall isnt it? 😉

“This is my commandment, that ye love one another, even as I have loved you.”
‭‭John‬ ‭15:12‬ ‭ASV‬


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