Girls, Girls, Girls…

So today (11th October 2016) is The International Day of the Girl! 💕

Truthfully…I didn’t even know that such a day existed but I really I’m happy that there is a day set apart for me and all my girls. A day set apart to advocate for equal access to healthcare, education and basic human needs and if I might add a day to appreciate just how amazing the girl child is.

I saw this today on my Instagram feed…“I am a Woman, Whats your super power?”

I chuckled hard! 😀 😀

Feminist or not, I am proud to be a woman…a woman of God none-the-less. An imperfect woman, with flaws and all, who has made many mistakes and is usually really hard on her self at times but one who is slowly being perfected by the Grace of her savior and who knows her worth and where it is found…in Christ.

Today I wanna talk to all my sisters.

You may have a relationship with Jesus or maybe you do not…irregardless, this day is for us all. (Though it is my prayer that we would all seek to have a relationship with the Lord…it really is the best decision I ever made! No regrets for sure!)

So I want to address all my sisters today and say a couple of stuff;




 1. I am proud of you, no matter what or where, I am proud of you.

I know sometimes it isn’t easy, I know at times you battle so much…I know I do.

But you must remember that the Lord gives the toughest battles to His toughest soldiers and you can be sure that He is super proud of you and the far you have come. I am proud of you too! Fight them battles on your knees baby girl for Greater is He that is in you then he that is in the world [1st John 4:4]…it shall not overcome you darling, You shall overcome it in Jesus name. Keep pushing on in Christ and fighting on your knees. 🙂


 2. Self-Worth Manenos…

Dear pretty girl…I see you. I know you’ve been told that a lady in Christ finds her worth in Jesus…In fact I’m just about to say the very same thing but not before I say that I understand you.

I understand that at times you feel far from worthy or valuable, far from attractive or desirable. I get you Ma’…I get you.

I understand what it means to have freckles and marks, breakouts and scars. Bad hair days? I know them boo.

I understand what it feels to be body shamed, for you see that’s been part of my story too.

I understand what it does to you when you are told that you are not good enough or that you will not amount to much.

But here is why you and me need to find our Identity in Christ Jesus;

He says come as you are [Isaiah 1:18],

He says that you are good [Genesis 1:31]

He says that you are precious [Isaiah 43:4]

He says that you are the apple of His eye [Zechariah 2:8]

He says that you are beautiful [Psalms 45:11]

He says that you are worthy [Matthew 10:31]

He has loved you with an everlasting love [Jeremiah 31:3]

He rejoices over you with singing [Zephaniah 3:17]

All these and so much more! Pray, tell me now…why do we seek to find our worth in humans, material stuff and numbers on a scale when we have all these and more at our disposal with no strings attached with a promise that it shall forever last?

Find your self worth in Jesus babe, it changes everything.


3. Your dreams are valid…literally.

I know you think that your dreams are silly and probably un-achievable.

I know you see them doing their stuff and you wanna do yours as well.

All I wanna say is that you can, in fact you SHOULD do your stuff. [Remember the parable of the 3 servants and their talents.]

Whatever the Lord has gifted you with…yes even that crazy idea, go forth and strut girl. You got Jesus behind you all the way….Dream hard, pray harder and work/strut/slay hardest! 😉


4. You really do deserve the best!

Yes daughter of the one true King…you do deserve the very very best!

And I’m not just talking about a man here 😉 (Though we must learn that men are just as imperfect as we are…story for another day though.)

You deserve to be happy and to let your beautiful soul be expressed. You deserve to laugh uncontrollably and once in a while have that tub cup of ice cream. You deserve to be loved as you are and forgiven for your mistakes.  You deserve to be supported and you deserve to happy, peaceful and tear-less nights…but most of all, You deserve CHRIST, because should the human race ever fail to give you what you deserve…trust that you will find all that and more [Including what you don’t deserve] in Him.


5. You can begin again. 

I know just like me boo, you have made plenty of mistakes.

I know what it is to take the Lord’s Grace for granted and still have Him Love me like it never happened.

I know what it is to be stained-Scarlet red with sin and watch Him purify me and make me white as snow.

I know what it is to mess up so bad but still watch things fall into place by His Mercy and Favor.

I know not why but one thing I know is that we all have access to this and so much more for;

 ‘And the one sitting on the throne said, “Look, I am making everything new!” ‘

Revelation 21:5 (a) NLT

He is always willing to make things new in our lives, willing to help us begin again…He only requires you to ask  and allow Him into our lives, allow Him to make us whole and give us the chance to begin again…will you take Him at His invitation?

Happy International Day of the Girl Chicas!💕

Grace and Peace.😘

10 thoughts on “Girls, Girls, Girls…

  1. I love this…lol everything about it, the humour, the sister lingo and very relatable
    happy international day of the girl to you too! =)

  2. This is brilliant. Both thumbs up Wanjiru!

    I like the ice cream part in point number 4. I see what you did there hehehe…

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