I’m praying for a heart break.

Yes you read right. I’m praying for a heart break.

Don’t worry. Honey boo boo* and I are doing fantastic!

In fact we are more than fantastic! Sigh…Love is a beautiful thing! (Cue lovey dovey music) 😛

Despite this though, I am still praying for a heart break.

Not the one that y’all must be thinking about, doubting my sanity…yes I see y’all.

This heart break is different.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not asking for it cause it is painless or something. Heart breaks are painful! They are extremely hurtful and immensely devastating…but still, I pray that my heart may break.

….Break my heart for what breaks yours,
Everything I am for Your kingdom’s cause,
As I walk from earth into eternity. (Hosanna by Hillsong United)

Have you ever stopped to think whether Jesus experiences the emotions we go through? The feelings that we often say no one could ever understand? The highs and lows of life? You would imagine that because He is God, nothing ever bothers Him. He is always humpty dumpty daisies happy…yes?

No. Not really.

On the contrary…I believe that there is no single person dead or alive that has suffered, been broken, been devastated, hurt or wounded as our sweet Jesus. His heart gets broken ever so often.

He is called Man of sorrows.

Isaiah 53: 4-6 (ERV)

The fact is, it was our suffering he took on himself; he bore our pain. But we thought that God was punishing him, that God was beating him for something he did. But he was being punished for what we did. He was crushed because of our guilt. He took the punishment we deserved, and this brought us peace. We were healed because of his pain. We had all wandered away like sheep. We had gone our own way. And yet the Lord put all our guilt on him.

What is this love?? That the perfect, spotless, blameless son of God, took my place and died that cruel painful death for me. I don’t know about you…but this selfless act often stops me on my tracks and I start thinking about Christ. Though He was God, He did not count equality with God…He died for us yet we still break His heart.

We break His heart when we go ahead and lie and curse, when we covet and lust, when we are unforgiving or harbor bitterness….when we do all that we know we ought not to do….when we allow the flesh to take predominance over the Spirit yet we know that it should be the Spirit over the flesh.

We break His heart when we refuse to have communion and fellowship with Him when we neglect prayer, fellowship and His Word.

We break His heart when we refuse to take up the great calling/commission given to us as believers…to go and spread the good news of His death and Resurrection, its importance and meaning.

We break His heart when we live life as if His death never happened. As if the great exchange where He exchanged His glory for our filth was null and void. As if His sacrifice did not reconcile us back to the Father, as if His love was not meant to be shared with all humanity.

Lord, I know that I break your heart often. I am so imperfect Father…but today I want to ask that you may break my heart for what breaks yours. Lord any sin, any injustice, anytime I allow my flesh to take predominance over your Spirit, anytime I hate rather than love, anytime I covet or lust, anytime I do anything that brings you sorrow Lord, may it break my heart. May I at least have a glimpse of the hurt that you go through and may this simple glimpse change my perspective and lead me to true and real repentance. May this simple glance cause my heart to cry out for more of your Grace over my life because your Grace is not just pardon for my wrong doings but it is also power to keep me from falling, it is the power that strengthens me to resist the enemy causing Him to flee from me. It is the power that will keep me from causing your heart from breaking.


May this be your prayer too. May understanding that we often cause our savior much hurt bring us to true repentance and a turning around of our lives where we strive by His Grace to be as Holy as He is Holy.

He died for us, the least we could do is live for Him.

Grace and Peace!

2 thoughts on “I’m praying for a heart break.

  1. This got me tearing up, such a powerful message there girl!
    My prayer is that God may make my heart sensitive to what breaks his heart.
    God bless you with overflowing wisdom Nicole.

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