In Retrospect Tho’ (Part 1)

This is not how I saw things ending for us.

We started off pretty well don’t you think?

You remember when we first met? At the stroke of midnight it was?

Gosh! How ripe I was!

Ripe with expectation off course.

Expectation from here to Timbuktu, which by the way is a real place in Mali, West Africa.

I doubt you had any. Any expectations that is.

I mean, how could you? You were and still are pretty inanimate. Sigh.

Nonetheless, before we let each other go 2018, how about we reminisce what we’ve learnt this year?

And let’s share with the good folk here, yes?

10. Books – The Quietest and Most Constant of Allies

I wont lie.

This year, I’ve preferred books to people.

Don’t take it personally.

Somewhere along the way I realized that I needed some form of escape and coping mechanisms from the turbulent year – didn’t we all – and I  found a treasure in books. Them reads did not disappoint!

You see the thing with books, is that they let you travel without moving your feet. You embark on deep voyages that leave you with many experiences, living several lives, sometimes at a go, and its only when you are done that you realize it’s not just about the stories, it’s about interconnection.

All of us, both in and outside the pages of a book are interconnected. Because when reading, you will come across something – a thought, a feeling, a way of looking at things – which you had thought special and particular to you. And there it will be, set down by someone else, a person you have never met, someone even who is long dead. And it will be as if a hand will have come out and taken yours.

I did 12 this year. Next year we do 24.

Set a reading target for yourself as well – I promise therein you will encounter great allies and spectacular experiences – you won’t regret it.

09. Laughter – The Sun that Drives Winter from The Human Face

I regret that I didn’t laugh much this year.

Of course there was the occasional laughs when I read Trevor’s Born A Crime and when these memes for Kenyan accent surfaced – the one’s with Dexter from Dexter’s Laboratory – yes those ones, but I simply did not laugh much in 2018, I didn’t even meet the threshold!

On average, an infant laughs nearly 200 times a day, an adult? Only 12 times a day and I know that’s not even near accurate for so many of us!

I get it, it’s a jungle out here and adulting is hard but if only for a few minutes, laugh and laugh out loud!

Watch funny cat videos, go see Churchill Live, reminisce your crazy childhood with your family and friends, follow those folk who bless us with daily memes on their timelines, laugh at yourself if you must, but laugh and laugh out loud and do try to make it past 12 times a day.

Proverbs 17:22 A cheerful heart does good like medicine, but a broken spirit makes one sick.

08. Vulnerability – The Birthplace of Love, belonging, joy, courage, empathy, and creativity

This one here changed everything for me in 2018.

You see I made a lot of mistakes this year.  I also struggled deeply, hurt people, was rebellious, often unkind and I wrestled deeply with my Faith. I neared the verge of mental destruction several times and literally only achieved one of my many new year’s resolutions!

Crazy yeah?

Now let me let you in on something even crazier.

I spoke about it all, shared it with my closest circle and hey, look at me sharing it with you as well!

This is what vulnerability is – admitting that we are not perfect people, that we are broken, unfinished people who live in a world that itself is broken because of the fall of Adam & Eve.

It is the connection we crave but are too scared to give.

I have found such love, joy, courage and belonging because of the connection that vulnerability brings.

I have also found inner strength and developed great maturity because vulnerability is inner strength and silent maturity.

Most importantly, I found healing.

Talk about it, get vulnerable with a close friend, a confidant, your parent, pastor or mentor – you’ll be surprised at how much you will both need it.

07. Being Present – Is the Best Present Ever

A friend of mine who recently got married, texted in to say thank you to me specifically for attending his nuptials.

Truthfully, I had wrestled within myself that cold Saturday morning on whether I should attend his wedding. The venue was relatively far from home, I had no one to attend it with, I almost had a wardrobe malfunction, I had no one to queue for food with during the reception – Hi introvert and single lady problems – but regardless I was present and clearly it was a great present for him.

I never ever thought that my presence, a phone call, random text, a gift basket, a visit, a few hours volunteering, a couple shillings offered, a simple prayer…would make a difference, but boy was I wrong!

I have learnt that at the heart of everything, we are all seeking connection, empathy and support. Choosing to be present for the people in your life satiates this in both you and them. It’s magic really and imagine what would happen if we all choose to be simply present for each other, what wonderful presents we would forever be giving!

06. Avocados – Sweet, Sweet Avocados

What to say here other than thank you Jesus for ‘The Year Of Our Lord, 2018 AD, The year Of Avocado Favor’.

Heh! This year I have been blessed you guys. Or has it just been our household?

Legit we’ve dined so much on them green golden fruits, I’m just so happy even thinking about it.

I am convinced the Lord took some extra time when crafting the first Avocado tree.

What a gift! What a gift avocados are!

Where are the Kikuyu uncles who sell ‘tu-ploti’ (plots of land)?

I’m ready to start my first farming venture please.

If you don’t fancy Avocados, the exit is on your left. Thank you.

Five retrospective lessons already! 

We’ll be back shortly with the next five.

Merry Christmas! 😀

4 thoughts on “In Retrospect Tho’ (Part 1)

  1. Oh yeah I love avocados with any kinda dish… You are one person that truly sees life from my perspective and am glad to find am not alone.. Thanks cuzo am your blog addict keep up.. Waiting for the five tag me asap

    1. Aaaw…bless you Cuzo! I really appreciate you and all your support.
      And Yay to seeing life with a different perspective!
      The next five will be up soon, I’ll definitely tag you.
      All my love! 😀

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