In Retrospect Tho’ (Part 2)

You know, you have been both my biggest growth agent and literal pet peeve. 

Yes, pet peeve.

But hey, we’re almost done!


You haven’t been all that bad though.

You have taught me so much!

Much you have taught through pain, a little through pleasures and joy but nonetheless all teachings that I am forever grateful for.

I want to make a truce with you before we let each other go though.

No strings attached, no grudges.

If anything. hugs and kisses will do well.

But before we say goodbye 2018, lets conclude the reminiscing of lessons learnt.

5. One day we will die, but every other day we live.

Death is an inevitable reality.

Yes, I know people die everyday but when death hits closer home, you understand that its real. An inevitable reality.

I lost a few loved ones this year.  I have loved ones who lost their loved ones.

I have grieved. We have grieved.

But in the midst of grieving, I have learnt to live.

I have not mastered it, but I have learnt.

I have learnt that it starts with submission of your everything to Christ.

It’s both excruciatingly painful and immensely beautiful but it’s the start of life.

Because one day you will die, but every other day you live.

Live it with Jesus, He is life itself.

4. I am a world of uncertainties disguised as a girl.

That is a real quote.

Read it again.

It came up first when I googled something about uncertainty.

I resonate with it. I feel it.

Uncertainty has been my daily tea and bread this year.  I literally did not know what was ever coming next.

Granted, who ever does?  But this was different.

There were so many plot twists and turns in this story of mine.

Family, love, career,  spiritual and mental growth – I was never sure what would happen next!

I still don’t.

But I embraced it all.

I embraced that I truly I’m a world of uncertainties disguised as a girl but I love it all regardless.

I am loving being uncertain because I trust the one who is forever certain.

Also, it’s in the midst of uncertainties that you will realize that anything is possible.

Literally anything. God is never limited.

3. God does not have a dustbin of prayers in Heaven 

I have struggled to believe this.

I didn’t make it up by the way.

A really sweet, old lady whom I shared a room with at a retreat center told me this. That God does not have a dustbin of prayers in heaven.

I have struggled to believe this because I have felt quite the contrary.

I have felt like most of the moments I have spent on my knees, in my secret place, have been in vain.

I have felt like He has not been listening to my deepest cries, my uttermost pleas.

But those have been feelings. I don’t disregard them, but they have been feelings.

The Truth has been that He has been with me through it all.

That He has listened to every prayer I have made. The loud ones and the silent ones.

That all my tears, none has fallen to the ground without His noting. That He is working even in the background, even in the silence bringing to fruition my deepest pleas.

Whether He will answer them prayers how I expect them to be answered or not – He will answer them.

He keeps no dustbins in Heaven.

2. Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It’s not something you learn in school. . .

Another quote I stole from the internet.

It’s by Muhammad Ali.

I remember when I was about 12, a best friend is all I wanted.

Blame it on all the Disney channel programs that we used to watch that had two best friends as main characters that literally never had any problems. It all seemed so effortless for them – this friendship thing that is.

Over 10 years later, I’m still navigating the ship of friendship.

But aren’t we all?

Here’s what I will say;

  • It’s okay if all your realest peeps can be counted on one hand. It’s okay.
  • There are those who will make you laugh till you snort, those whom you will have the most random, creative and intellectual conversations with and those that will listen, cry and encourage you on – keep them, cherish them but most importantly be them. Be that kind of amigo.
  • Apologize often. You have a whole load of negative traits that you may sometimes overlook but that actually hurt your tribe
  • You are your own best friend. You and Jesus. That’s all.

“Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It’s not something you learn in school. But if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything.” Muhammad Ali.

1. There is no dishonor in losing the race. There is only dishonor in not racing because you are afraid to lose.

Another quote.

I know, I know.

But this one though is from one of my favorite reads of the year – The Art of Racing In The Rain.

I failed a lot this year. A lot!

But I am thankful, eternally thankful that I actually got up and raced despite being desperately afraid of failure.

Whatever paths you took this year, any races you ran, if there were any failures, any losses – know that there is no dishonor in loosing, only in not trying.

So gear up! 2019 is coming.

I guarantee there will be a lot of more paths to tread, more mountains to climb, more races to compete in – but don’t you dare refuse to move because of fear. Dishonor is not in failure but in not attempting.

I appreciate you, yes you for reading through.

I had this pipe dream that you would sort of be encouraged by these 10 lessons. 

Well even if not encouraged, enlivened. 

I really hope you were.

Happy New Year! 😀


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