In The Details…

I feel that I owe you all an explanation, an update of some sort, because we blinked and found ourselves seven weeks into ya’ll, how is it that time is hurtling by us just like that?

Really though, it’s been a minute hasn’t it? – Yeah, grab yourself some hot chocolate.

So, I didn’t write much last year. Call it lack of inspiration, sheer fear or both.

Sheer fear because I started believing that I wasn’t good enough of a Christian writer – qualified really –  to fulfill the aim of sharing Jesus; Alive In Me. Lack of inspiration, honestly it just wasn’t happening.

But here we are, clean slates and all, me praying for your embrace as I pick up where we left.

Now 2017 was one heck of a ride for most of us yeah?

Personally, I had close to a million different seasons in just those 365 days – okay no, not really – some were bold, others were beautiful.

The bold

I made a momentous decision in January last year that set the pace for the rest of the year. It was a difficult one to say the least but boy did it liberate me from so much!

As a sequel to my bold resolve and even beyond, I tussled so much. There was the loss, immense loss that I experienced, struggles with depression and anxiety, battles with bitterness, grapples with loneliness  – the literal works I tell you – but the beautiful was not too far away, it was always there actually.

The beautiful

Jesus, oh my sweet Jesus, He opened a gateway of doors for me and blessed me with so much joy – the beauty for ashes story personified – really. So many opportunities, so much growth, so much favor! And it’s crazy because in the midst of the yin & yang that was my 2017, I realized that I’ve never really ever had it all together. Yes, I slowly grew into the realization that my life has always been my Lord’s Canvas. A canvas for Him to paint images of grace and glory and this is how I am walking through 2018 – a sweet little canvas, slowly but surely being intricately painted on.

Now the details

When I think about details, I think art, I think fine print, I think architecture, I think Joseph – son of Jacob.

I believe that God was intentional in how all the stories in His Word were written.

Have you ever just taken time to think through the story of Joseph? Wait, first of all, did you know that Joseph’s story takes the hugest percentage of all stories in the book of Genesis? Yeah, because God is always intentional in His proportionality and I believe that He has wants us to understand that He is involved in all the details of our life, like He was with Joseph, from beginning to end.

From his mother being the wife unable to bear children but the most loved, to him finally being conceived, born and consequently being his fathers favorite, God was in the details.

His dreams, sibling rivalry & jealousy, sale into slavery, deception and lies, potiphars house, photiphar’s wife, false accusations, unjust judgement, prison, favor in prison, the cup bearer and the baker, Pharaohs dreams, promotion to second in command, drought & threat of starvation, his brothers going to seek for grain in Egypt, revelation of who he was, forgiveness and embrace, his family’s eventual relocation to Egypt – God was in the details.  

And finally

I know you’ve probably heard this before. That Jesus is with you, is in all these yin and yang’s, that He is in all the details – but today I want you to believe it. To memorize it and keep it well tucked in your heart, to wear it on your sleeve, to never forget that it is true.

I kid you not, this is the only thing I am holding on to this year!

I am holding on to the fact that my sweet Jesus is actively working in all the details that is the canvas of my life. I don’t care whether it’s heartbreaks, promotions, loss, sickness, unfair happenings, love, depression & anxiety, setbacks – everything! This is how my faith is growing. Right now, it’s such a teeny winy little faith but my Lord it’s growing! I feel it grow when I choose to trust Him, even in tears and anguish and I get excited when I think of what He is building up in me!

I promise you He is in ALL the details. Don’t let that go no matter what happens in 2018, don’t let it go, pretty please.

The detailed narrative of Joseph’s life, among many other things, is a loving letter from your Good Shepherd (John 10:11) — the same Good Shepherd who guided Joseph through green pastures and the valley of the shadow of death, pursuing him with good all the days of his life (Psalm 23) — to remind you that no matter what you are experiencing, sweet or bitter, good or evil, no matter how long it has lasted, he has not left you alone.

Jon Bloom, Desiring God

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