Taking Stock…Well Not Really….

Hola! Como Estas?

(Yes its ‘Hola’ and not ‘Ola’ dear Spanish speaking protegees….the ‘H’ is silent.) Look at me making good use of my Spanish lessons! Lol! 😎😎

Anyways…I pray that you are all keeping well.  It’s been a minute though, yes?

My apologies.

The season I’m currently in has been hectic you guys…like for reals, for reals…but the funny/interesting thing is that I am no longer all panicky and distraught (well maybe just a couple of times)…and its because I have come to the place of rest or rather I have found my rest and I have found it in Jesus. 💜

So despite this season being an entire whirlwind of so many things I am soo very thankful that Jesus has kept and held me down. He has literally maintained my sanity…rather He has kept me stable, probably why He is referred to as the Solid Rock. (Was that a pun? I’m not sure really.) 😂😂

Anywhos…so I figured I should do a sort of stock-taking just to share with you guys where I am at ryna and probably encourage a couple of y’all along the way in whatever season y’all might be in and to definitely make you smile. 😃

So here we go!

Making: Plans for my weekend! Read: AFLEWO on Friday, Sleeping the whole day on Saturday and Church on Sunday. 🙂

Eating: Ugali, ka-fry and greens-They are my loves! 😍

Reading: Some journal articles for my Final Year research project. Yes Final Year…which explains the hectiness around and why Jesus is my sanity.

Drinking: A lot of strong tea…I miss the milk from my grandma’s cows! ☕️

Playing: Hillsong’s “Of Dirt and Grace”—–The songs in this album are just life you guys! ION The Hillsong Movie is coming out soon…like a movie about Hillsong…Aaaaah, I know!! 😍😍

Waiting: For AFLEWO! I’m about to get my worship on….Friday get here quick! Y’all must come! 🙌🏻

Watching: Pastor Matt Chandler’s you tube sermons…like my goodness, He is an amazing teacher of the Word.

Wanting: To be through with school already! Aaaargh this season Lord, please hasten it. 😓

Dreaming: About my life after school…

Admiring: The person God is daily molding me in to.

Missing: My Honey Boo Boo, Sugaa bugga…. 😍

Loving: The YouVersion Bible App ! Where have you been all my life?

Praying: That God will frustrate me out of anything that is not in His will. (Dangerous prayers…I know)

Hoping: I’ll achieve all the stuff on my bucket list including meeting James Spader from The BlackList…(Cheesy, I know!) 😋

Thankful: For everything! Literally everything that God has blessed me with! The people, experiences, ministries,  material stuff, emotional stuff…basically everything! He is a good good Father!

Laughing: At Honey Boo Boo’s jokes…this guy gets me! 😘😘

Screenshoting: Pictures of wedding gowns…like for real I have found the designs for both my dress and the maids dresses! (Take those hints babe!) 💃🏽

Fighting: To resist the urge of wanting any other thing or person fill the space/void that Jesus is meant to fill. Not chocolate, nor Bae, nor sleep…Just Jesus. 💜

Learning: To be patient.

Feeling: Like I have written a tad bit too much, so I’ll stop here. 🚫

All my love and prayers in whatever season you may be in. He got you so you gon’ be alright.

And remember to keep smiling!

Grace and Peace.

(Jeremiah 31:3) 

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