The Canvas That is You

Have you ever you ever found yourself admiring (more of like drooling) over something(s) that other people have?

Probably that dudes really classy watch, or the dress you saw a lady wearing on Sunday and you promised to steal that design for yourself or the opportunities that seem to literally fall at the feet of others or even the steadfast walk with Lord of one of your friends?!

I  know i have…like to all that and more! And i know i aint alone…yes? I know you feel me! 😉 😉

Whether you are in your in your golden age or are literally just starting out in life like me…truth is our lives are simply a beautiful canvas been painted by the grandest of all grand painters…God, our Good, Good Father.

You see artists like each of their work to be beautifully unique. A masterpiece is a skillfully, tastefully and off course exquisitely created piece of art that is different from all others.
No two similar pieces of art can be a masterpiece…but two magnificently differentpieces of art can be two different beautiful masterpieces.

You see, every single human being has had those feelings. The comparisons, feelings of not being enough, not being completely accomplished…but you must remember that all the 7 billion plus people in the world are 7 billion plus canvases being continuously painted by the grandest painter and that you are completely unique. Refuse to sit there and mop around…rather get up, embrace the fact that you are being beautifully crafted by God and that at the end you will understand
it all. 🙂

I enjoy Biko Zulu’s writing. For those not familiar with him or his work, he is a great blogger and an accomplished writer with one of the leading media groups in the country. One of his most popular blog posts is ‘A long Post About Life’. You can check it out here. 
Granted….its quite a long post…hehee…but the insights in there are AM-A-ZI-NG!

Allow me to quote a paragraph or two from that particular post

“I run in Karura Forest every Saturday morning, if I’m not travelling. I do the 10km trail.  Karura is gorgeous on a Saturday morning. I don’t run fast, just at a steady pace. Sometimes some skinny guy passes me mid-run, literally zooms right past me, a blur of black, a “racist” no doubt, and I’m like, “Whoa Kipngetich, easy!” Sometimes a much chubbier guy passes me, or a much older guy trots past me and there is always that urge to catch up with them, to compete with them. I call it the Acute Subaru Syndrome. It’s how Subaru guys behave on the road; they think if you overtake them that it’s an invite to race with them.

At Karura there is always that temptation to catch up because nobody likes being left behind. We all want to go to heaven, right? I realised soon enough that you don’t have to catch up with anyone. And for me I have drawn tremendous life lessons from running. Running – like life – teaches you to go at your own pace because you don’t know what those guys passing you had for breakfast. You don’t know if they are visiting from Eltoret. Hehe. You don’t know the capacity of their lungs.  You don’t know if they are on drugs. Go at your own pace.”

Its okay to want more with your life, to want to achieve greatness but…to do this, you must first understand this two things…

1) You are a magnificently unique masterpiece. You have your own unique purpose and destiny!
2)You need to go at your own pace!

Being a magnificently unique masterpiece means that even before you were a thought, before you were conceived, God knew you! He knew all your life’s journeys before you even took your first step and there is nothing in your life that is a mystery or surprise to Him. You however need to seek Him earnestly that He may reveal what your purpose is and allow Him to continuously paint the canvas that is you. For you see, you are allowed to be both a master piece and work in progress at the same time.

Then do not forget to go at your own pace. It truly is easier said than done…but like my fellow writer Biko Zulu says,  (look at me putting myself at the same level as Biko Zulu..hihii..)
You do not know what those guys passing you had for breakfast…the capacity of their lungs or even if they are on some form of substance…lol! Basically, you do not know what they have been through to get to where they are today. Sure, maybe some were born with a golden spoon in their literally or others probably went through hell and high waters and emerged stronger and more blessed…but all that doesn’t matter, focus on you Hunnie. Focus on you and go at your own pace. I promise you shall get there. God is steadily painting the canvas that is you…TRUST HIM!

My Everyday, All day prayer is “Keep Painting Lord, Keep Painting that Canvas that is me.”
May it be yours too.

Love & Love!
Grace &Peace!

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