Valentines; Millions of Shillings and Un-beatable Love.

Valentines….is here!!

Hype about Valentines day is real!
Anyone who wants to engage in a conversation about the 5.4 Million Shillings and 1.2 Million Shillings offers for that day? Yes, No? Doesn’t
really matter though…its just quite something else!!. 🙂

I am a very ‘hopeful’ romantic…sunshine rays, mushiness et al… 😉
Simply put, I love love! The romantic and friendship kind…yes!… but mostly the love that is Jesus. The love that knows no boundaries, no faults, is flawless, unconditional and completely perfect!

Allow me to indulge you in a short story.
There was this family. A father and his son, there was no mum around.
Little boys love their daddies and daddies take pride in their boys. It wasn’t any different with the two. The daddy worked at a train station and every day he would take his son with him to work.

Image result for father and sonThe son pretty much knew all that his daddy’s work entailed but he was always instructed to stay at a spot outside where daddy would keep an eye on him. One eye on his son..the other eye on his work as a rail way station manager.

This particular day, the railway bridges had to be lifted up so that a boat could ferry easily, for under the railway tracks was a small lake. A light had been put up to warn any incoming train to slow down because the  bridge was already up. But suddenly…a passenger train started approaching and daddy didn’t realize it. The boat had long ferried away but the bridge was still up and it needed to be lowered so that the people in the train wouldn’t plunge to their death.

The little boy called on his daddy but still daddy couldn’t hear so he decided to lower the bridge himself not from the control room but the bridge site itself where he would pull a lever and the bridge would be lowered.

The little boy managed to get to the bridge site but by now, the father had already realized what was happening but he didn’t know where his son was. To say he was worried was an understatement! He frantically called out his baby boys name and finally saw him trying to help out. But the train was fast approaching and somehow the boy got stuck there in the site just under the bridge..and  yet the bridge was closing!

Image result for railway bridge
The father was literally at a cross roads…pull back up the bridge and save his son or allow the bridge to continue closing so that the train could pass. Either way,a sacrifice had to be made. He painfully choose the latter. The bridge closed with his baby boy under the massive bridge and the train moved as if nothing had happened.

In that train there where many people. Some good, decent people, others not so much. It doesn’t matter though because the baby boy died in their place.  The pain that the father experienced must have been the most excruciating, It was their fault anyways…They didn’t see the light that was meant to tell them to slow down, maybe they even ignored it…but still, the father saw it fit to let his baby die, than all the many people on that train die. The life of his beloved baby was worth that of all the many unaware people in that train.
That is LOVE!

    John 15:13 ‘There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends’

This Valentines…i don’t know what you consider great love.

Our family, friend’s and partners love combined cannot even reach an iota of of God’s great love for us. Could we ever fully fathom that?

You cannot separate God and Love…God is Love and Love is God and one thing remains…it never fails, gives up or runs out on us!

To the very lucky lady to whom 5.4 Million Shillings will be spent on this weekend….that man might absolutely love you…like totally love you…but there is this one man whose love cant be quantified..if it would be equals to infinity and that’s why His is the un-beatable love!

He loves us all and i hope that He will be your forever valentine…He is mine! 😉

P.s…You can watch the full story that i narrated (John 3:16-The story of love) here…I pray it blesses your heart!

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