What A Shame!

I imagine you think that today I will be writing on some unpleasant state of the community or the country. You know, unfortunate stuff like corruption, poverty or the fact that Mondays have now been branded “Tear gas Monday” or another crazy one that I heard recently “Shisha Monday!” 😀

And while it really is sad and a huge shame that all this unfortunate stuff are happening, today I want to address what I believe is a real shame for us in the body of Christ, for us who are God’s children and are deemed to be the light of the world and the salt of the earth.

Walk with me…

“And its a shame the way I wanna do this things for you, yet (I) don’t even cling to you, take time and sit and glean from you… “

Background– Lecrae

First of all, Isn’t Lecrae just amazing? God bless the soul that introduced me to gospel hip hop! 😀

I recently got his book Unashamed (Thanks Gracie♥) and I am literally itching to just start reading it! I’ll most definitely keep you informed on how much I will love it!

Back to the story of the day now…I have known Lecrae’s ‘Background’ by heart for the longest time but it wasn’t till recently that I actually stopped to listen instead of rapping along.

As believers who love Jesus, it doesn’t come as a surprise that we all want to do big, great things for His glory.

If anything, it really does make me glad to see and hear of someone doing missions all over for Jesus, or another person doing blogging, music, poetry or any other form of art for Jesus, and not forgetting pastors and ministers, business people, students or any other wonderful person doing their wonderful thing for the glory of Jesus…but can I be blunt?

It is a shame and a big one at that if we do all these big stuff for Jesus but do not have a relationship with Him, the one whom we are purportedly showing to the world.

When Jesus began his ministry, He first called the 12 to communion before commissioning them. (Mark 3:14)

Reflect with me dear believer.

“I’m I more enthralled with the ministry than the person whom the ministry focuses on?”worship

As ministers in whatever capacity, we must understand that we cannot pour into others when we ourselves are dry.

Personally, this truth has truly humbled me because you see dear minister, you can only go so far!

We need to be like trees planted by the river of life because it is then that we will bear fruit in and out of season. It is then that our leaves will not wither and that all we do shall prosper. (Psalms 1:3)

Jesus loves and appreciates you dear minister. ♥

His heart gleams with Joy as you labour in His vineyard…but He loves it more when you seek Him. He loves it more when you sit at His feet and glean from Him, He loves having a relationship with you and infusing you with His Spirit, authority, power and wisdom that you get to impart on souls as you minister.

So stick to the source beloved, strive to have constant communion with Jesus and watch Him use you mightily in your commission.

Let us move from shame to glory and honor.

Love and prayers from your fellow minister. 🙂

4 thoughts on “What A Shame!

  1. “I’m I more enthralled with the ministry than the person whom the ministry focuses on?”
    That’s a sobering question.

    Thank you.

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